ChemSolutions provides contract services including custom chemical synthesis, synthetic process development, optimization and scale-up to commercial quantities for a wide variety of fine and specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.
Research & Development at ChemSolutions focusses on the development of new products and new manufacturing process technology for the fine chemical, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. Environmentally clean solutions are at the forefront of our product and process development goals.
Annulox is a revolutionary development in the field of catalyst technology. It is a non-toxic environmentally friendly catalyst which can replace heavy metal oxidants in many commercial manufacturing processes.

Annulox is not only an economical solution, but it is truly an environmental solution. It is a ChemSolution.

Small-Scale Synthesis 

ChemSolutions offers three major services through our small-scale synthesis group. They are Custom Chemical Synthesis, Synthetic Process Development  and Manufacturing Process Optimization. We have multiple well-equipped laboratories to accommodate small-scale synthesis (mg to multi gm) for the preparation of custom products (including our isotopically labeled reference standards).

Process Scale up

Our process scale up and optimization lab is equipped with various glass jacketed reactors ranging from 1 liter to 50 liters.  We not only carry out process development and improvement in this lab, but we also produce commercial products in the 1 to 100 Kg range.

Commercial Manufacturing

ChemSolutions has established a number of strategic toll manufacturing partners in both the fine and specialty chemical industries as well as cGMP compliant pharmaceutical manufacturers, for the commercial production of ChemSolutions’ proprietary products and products for our clients.